The best point rewards system in the world
    No additional device
    Low Costs
    The best customer relationship management
    Easy and simple to use

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Simple and Easy to Manage Your Customers.

If you are a store or business owner, you want some type of point management service for your customers.
Now, The Point Card makes it easier for you to manage point services and customers.
Join the world�s best management service.

    & EASY
  • KEEP
You Need Nothing Except THE POINT CARD.
The Point Card allows you to manage customer points with your internet-connected devices,
such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and Smartphone.
You no longer have to purchase a new device for your point management service.
Fast and Easy Setup.
Hassle free! No need to ask for IDs, plastic cards, or anything additional.
The customers "show and go.� It is that simple.
Magage Customers Powerfully.
The Point Card is total service for your entire business, from managing points to managing customers.
Whether you�re selling from a single location or opening your second location,
The Point Card helps manage your business with a little less work.
Inexpensive Marketing Tool.
Why spend a lot of money for business marketing and advertising that attracts customers?
With The Point Card, just a small amount of advertising means more business.
How it works
  • Join
    with Simple Information.
  • Download TPC App
    and Setup Reward Details.

    Choose type of rewards. (Stamps or Points)
    And customers use rewards with TPc mobile app.

  • Use Easy Marketing System.

    E-mail, Coupons.

  • Manage Your Customer with Data.

    We provide accurate data system to manage your customers.

Marketing Tools
Mobile Coupons.

Customers love coupons, and you can genarate the coupons without cost.

E-Mail (DM)

If you want your customers to know such a detail information about your business,
let them know about it through e-mail directly.

Affordable Pricing
  • Standard $99.99 /month ADD TO CART

    Start building from a small business reward system.

    • Reward Program Management
    • E-mail Marketing
    • 500 Coupons by Month
    • Sales Management Dashboard
  • Grand Opening Event $39.99 /month ADD TO CART

    Limited Time Event. (Will expire soon)

    • Reward Program Management
    • Basic E-mail Marketing
    • 1 Coupon by month
    • Sales Management Dashboard
  • Platinum $159.99 /month ADD TO CART

    Maximize the power if loyalty program.

    • Reward Program Management
    • Power Marketing Tools
    • Unlimited Coupons
    • Power Sales Analytics Tools